Monday, February 1, 2010

Tonight In Tempe: Phoenix & Seawolf @ The Marquee

If you were planning on heading to The Marquee tonight to see Grammy Award winning band Phoenix tonight and don't already have tickets then you are probably out of luck.

I have pretty high expectations for tonight's show. Not only did Phoenix just win the Grammy for Best Alternative Album last night for Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix but I think there is going to be some people there just for the novelty of seeing the band Phoenix IN Phoenix. Those people are weird and hopefully they won't ruin everything with their weirdness.

Another thing I would like to mention that I find odd is that nobody has said anything about Seawolf. They were just here a few months ago at Modified for a great sold out show so they obviously have a fan base here. Not to mention the whole New Moon Soundtrack thing on top of that. Add all this up this is going to be one of the bigger events I have ever seen at the Marquee. So if you already have tickets... see you there and if not check back tomorrow for a review and hopefully some pictures, assuming I can talk my way in with the camera that is.

Show Preview in The New Times (by Mike)


Monica Arevalo said...

I'm glad you pointed out that people failed to mention Sea Wolf. It's a big deal that they were opening especially coming back so fast to the valley. I didn't notice as many people getting into Sea Wolf as much as Phoenix which is sad because it was an amazing set.
Phoenix definitely exceeded my expectations. The people there weren't that bad. But once the band let anyone on stage, I wanted to throw up at the girls posing and modeling.
Hope you had a good time and weren't stuck in line as long as I was.

Unknown said...

Hey Monica... yea we had a pretty good time. We waited in line to park longer than we waited in line to get in. We DID go through the "non drinking line" because my friend doesn't drink and I was driving. Next time I am taking the damn train fo sho.

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