Wednesday, March 10, 2010

1, 2, 3

1,2,3 is one part Nic Snyder, one part Josh Sickels and one part Soul / Chinese pop (j/k).

I've only heard three songs by 1,2,3, but I feel confident in proclaiming that the Pittsburgh-based band is just too much good to pass up.

If profanity within the first 20 seconds of a song followed by awesomeness isn't your style, maybe "Confetti" won't tickle your fancy, but surely "Can't Bribe God" or "Going Away Party" will do the trick.

I have a feeling this band is going places. My suggestion: Start enjoying them now so you can be pretentious later when they're all over the airwaves and people are calling them the "best new artist."

You can listen to three of their songs on their MySpace. "Confetti," 1,2,3's first single, is available for free download HERE on Harmon Drive.

The pair also has a Twitter, which is really only important to the handful of you who will hear their music, fall in love and become so obsessed that you'll want to know EVERYTHING they're doing WHEN and WHERE they're doing it. Three cheers for that.

Treat your ears, folks!