Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Album Review: Joanna Newsom: "Have One On Me"

I like Joanna Newsom.  She does things her own way and really doesn't seem to care what you or me or anyone else thinks about it.  Take for example her 2006 release Ys.  While technically only containing five tracks the album still managed to clock in at about 55 minutes in length.  That's something you're not going to find on the next Weezer album.   

And how does Joanna Newsom follow up her critically acclaimed, five track album?  She releases a triple album of course.  A two-hour plus album that ranges from tracks only two minutes in length to sprawling songs that go for close to twelve minutes in length.  By her last albums standards these tracks could be considered short.

It's easy to see why this unusual approach to making music can be intimidating and even polarizing to some.  Pitchfork lost their shit over the album giving it a 9.2.  Phoenix New Times music reviewer Jay Bennet, however, wasn't as big a fan.  

If there is one piece advice I can give you before listening to this album it's this:  Have patience.  Listening to this album and finding enjoyment requires patience and the attention span of someone over the age of three.  But if you have a good pair of headphones, a little time and a decent amount of patience the album will pay off for you in a big way.

Rating:  8 mustaches out of 10

Joanna Newsom's Have One One Me is available now on Drag City.