Monday, March 1, 2010

New Facebook Fan Page

OK so you may have noticed the "become our fan" button thingy over there. Some of you have actually clicked on it. And some of those people have even become our fans on facebook. Well as it turned out it was kind of pointless because we didn't have admin access to our own facebook fan page. So we couldn't do ANYTHING with it at all. I emailed facebook a bunch of times and they never responded to me so I decided to just make a new page. The thing that's cool is we can now import our post right to our wall, have contests etc... The sucky thing is we already had 96 fans on the old one. We obviously want all 96 of you to re fan us on the new one, just click HERE and "become a fan" it's that easy. Thanks for reading this and thanks for putting up with our technical BS!