Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New Music Tuesday: Rogue Wave, Strange Boys, Ruby Suns, A Weather

Sorry about how late in the day this is but I totally forgot it was Tuesday, and I am not even joking man. You gotta get the new Rogue Wave, The Ruby Suns, Portugal. The Man, and Japanther, if you don't then you are missing out, on them. There is a bunch of good stuff out today. Take a few moments to yourself to check out the previews on Amazon and just have a good time. The rest of the list of after the break...

A Weather: Everyday Balloons
Bradley: MountainTigerWolf
Clogs: The Creatures in the Garden of Lady Walton
DJ Khaled: Victory
Golden Triangle: Double Jointer
Great American Taxi: Reckless Habits
Groove Armada: Black Light
Jaguar Love: Hologram Jams
Japanther: Rock N Roll Ice Cream
Little Boots: Hands
Loscil: Endless Falls
Overnight Lows: City of Rotten Eyes
Peasant: Shady Retreat
Peter Gabriel: Scratch My Back
Polar Bear: Peepers
Portugal. The Man: American Ghetto
Rogue Wave: Permalight
Sarah Silverman: Songs Of The Sarah Silverman Program
Shearwater: The Golden Archipelago (vinyl)
Strange Boys: Be Brave
The Library Is On Fire: Magic Windows, Magic Nights
The Ruby Suns: Fight Softly
These New Puritans: Hidden
Twin Tigers: Gray Waves


Anonymous said...

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