Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Shizz Presents: AM Or PM - I Don't Know...

We got an e-mail yesterday letting us know that the fine folks behind The Shizz are going to be pretty busy in the near future.  In addition to their usual putting together and promoting local shows they will also be forming the new record label Shizz Records.

The first release on the new label is a compilation featuring tracks from local acts including Rumspringer, Necronauts, Fatigo, Andrew Jackson Jihad and more.  The compilation, entitled The Shizz Presents: AM or PM - I Don't Know, will be released on April 13th.  In order to celebrate the release of the CD proper you can expect to see a release party at the Trunk Space on April 10th.

Check out the full track listing after the break.

01 Rumspringer - "Postcard Gestures"
02 Art For Starters - "The Bone Stopped the Bullet"
03 Feel Free - "Prism(2000 Shades)"
04 Emperors of Japan - "Whoreline"
05 Destoroyah - "Dumb Baby"
06 Necronauts - "Shit"
07 Peachcake - "Welcome to the Party to Save the World"
08 The Worrymen - "Tilt"
09 Halema’uma’u - "Shine"
10 Fatigo - "Tiger Pit"
11 Three Jaguar Sharks - "Shark Chase"
12 Sweetbleeders - "Some Curiousity"
13 Snow Songs - "Everything Ends"
14 Let's Go To Fucking Hawaii - "Unfinished Business"
15 Quarter Inch Crown - "Diego"
16 Cagematch - "Tea In the Harbor, Blood in the Water"
17 Andrew Jackson Jihad - "The Can"