Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tonight In Phoenix: Past Lives|Extra Life|Servile Sect|Dead Times|Russian Arms & Optics

Pretty rad show on tap tonight at The Trunk Space... Past Lives whom you may have seen in the video above are headlining with Extra Life, Servile Sect, Dead Times and the band with one of my favorite names Russian Arms and Optics. It's only gonna cost you $5 to get in and their ain’t shit else going on tonight but even if there was you should go to this…

Um... on the other hand I DID just realize that it's St. Paddy's Day and there is in fact A LOT of things going on. How is that for investigative journalism? Some people might have just posted this without some research. I may not have started this research until I was halfway through but better late than never right? It’s because I care about you.

If you are in Tempe and don't want to deal with that Tempe Beach Park madness that I am sure you already know about why not head a little West and check out The Love Me Nots and Black Carl at The Sail Inn? OR…

You can head way up the the Compound Grill and check out Dearspeak.

If those options were not enough for you then you are selfish and really hard to please but alas there is a bunch of other shit too that you might just want to check out on yea old silverplatter