Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tonight In Tempe: Vampire Weekend with Abe Vigoda | As Tall as Lions w/ Bad Veins

If you are expecting to go to a good show tonight expect to make your way to Tempe... unless you already live in Tempe or happen to be here doing something related to cave exploration.

If you don't have tickets to Vampy Weekends with Abe Vigoda then you are SOL unless you will consider blowing one of those scalpers, OR just giving them the amount of money they are asking in exchange for a ticket, I will leave the negotiations up to the two of you.

If you find your luck has run out in that department then please consider As Tall as Lions with Bad Veins at The Clubhouse. Just be sure to not park in front of that "arcade" or your shit will get towed. To be honest I have NOOOO idea who As Tall as Lions are... I do dig Bad Veins though. Check out some videos of the bands after the break.