Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tonight In The Valley: Black Carl, Gavin Castleton, Chandails, Tyrone Wells, Jonatha Brooke

Like this but outside, with flowers.

Lot's of stuff going on tonight. If you already have tickets Black Carl at the Desert Botanical Gardens is going to be pretty awesome. I went to the Love Me Nots version a month or so ago and it WAS pretty awesome so I can't imagine why tonight would be any different, well unless a swarm of killer bees attacks everyone. I guess that would still be exciting just not so much fun.

Grey's Anatomy staple Tyrone Wells at The Rhythm Room is probably going to be really good for fans of Tyrone Wells... and it's not sold out yet. Surprisingly, because of the whole Grey's Anatomy. But isn't Grey's Anatomy on tonight? So maybe that's why? Actually upon further review, since I don't watch that show, there might just be a lot of Grey's Anatomy montages set to Tyrone Wells songs on youtube. I really don't know, and I really doesn't matter right? And also I don't even know Grey's Anatomy is on tonight or even on AT ALL to be honest.

Tyrone Wells @ The Rhythm Room 8pm $16

Black Carl @ Desert Botanical Garden (Spiked! Thursdays) 6pm SOLD OUT!

Gavin Castleton with Capain Squeegee, Tugboat, and Russian Arms and Optics @ Chyro Arts $12

Jonatha Brooke @ Voce Restaurant 8:30 & 10pm $30

Balloons is fun!?!, Foxes, Hello The Mind Control, & Chandails @ The Trunk Space 7:30pm $?