Friday, April 23, 2010

Tonight In The Valley: Megafaun | Colorstore | The Necronauts | Day 1 Of McDwl Mt. Music Fest

Another Friday night, another night of choices.

My top pics are either Megafaun at The Sail Inn or Colorstore at The Lost Leaf. Megafaun was so good last year when they opened for Bon Iver I really want to see them again. I have a previous engagement so I will not be going but what I am going to (my daughters play) is going to be even better. Tonight is the first night of the McDowell Mt. Music Festival also with Assembly Of Dust headlining... I think.

Check out for a more complete list but whatever you do... if there is just one thing I can ask for that you will promise to me... Please for the love of god DONT GO SEE KOTTONMOUTH KINGS!!! They are the worst G-DAMN pieces of shit "band" to pollute the airwaves EVER I think. I would rather see a super group with Nickelback, Creed, Puddle of Mudd (why two D's?) playing in front of a slide show of puppies and kittens being murdered by autistic toddlers in wheelchairs than get within a mile of a Kottonmouth Kings "concert". I hate the Kottonmouth Kings!