Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Video: Woodpigeon "Spirehouse"

So today I went to lunch at Jersey Mikes, I got a regular #12 on wheat, of course "Mike's Way", but with no onions. I HATE onions. I also had them add peppercinis and jalapenos. I took my own bottle of water and I didn't get any chips so ti was pretty reasonably priced. I could seriously eat there everyday and never get sick of it. It's just really good. I think "Mikes Way" means they put a little crack cocaine in there or something, so addicting.

Oh the video?!? I thought the story of what I had for lunch would be way less boring than the actual video for "Spirehouse". I figured you could just read that and think about a nice sandwich while you were listening to the song. I mean the song is really good but the video makes me tired and a little cranky.