Monday, May 3, 2010

Fucked Up Ticket Giveaway

If you read this blog I am sure you are a little familiar with the Arizona's racist immigration law and all the fall out that has occurred because of it. The specific fall out that concerns us greatly here at The 'Stache (aside from the actual law of course) is the recent decision of at least one band to boycott AZ.

We have made it pretty clear that we think that is pretty stupid since most of the people who are going to go to an indie rock show are most likely just as pissed off about this whole thing as the rest of the world. Unfortunately us commie liberals are outnumbered by the never ending supply of fascist conservative senior citizens that turn 65 and move here from the mid west in droves... for the dry heat. Fortunately there is someone that sees the failed logic in this boycott and has been pretty outspoken about it. That person is Damian Abraham, singer of Canadian band Fucked Up. He is calling for MORE bands to play AZ and "rally the troops" so to speak against the powers that be rather than leaving us stranded and alone. And this Thursday he is putting his money where his mouth is when Fucked Up play Chasers in Scottsdale. We want as many people to show up for this thing to prove that when bands make the decision to play our very unpopular state those of us who are against the shit law show up and support them. To help with that we have a pair of tickets to give away to to the first person to re-tweet this (and also say they want the tickets).

If you are not the lucky winner get your tickets HERE before they hopefully sell out. Good luck!