Thursday, May 13, 2010

mp3: A Lull "Weapons For War" and "Spread It All Around"

Chicago electro band A Lull has some new music available for free, gratas, no charge. I just downloaded and listened to "Weapons For War" and "Spread It All Around". My life is now 3% better than it was before. Now 3% might not seem like it's that much better but if you had 20 Billion dollars and just got 600 million more that would be a pretty good day right? What I am saying is my life was at 20 Billion and now it's at 20.6 Billion. I suck at math real hard so someone might need to check my work.

Please check out the tracks below and you can even download an EP of remixes of "Weapons For War" on their site HERE also free.

A Lull - "Weapons For War"

A Lull - "Spread It All Around"