Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Video: Cat Martino "Jenni's Gone Down"... Plus Fuck Zack de la Rocha

Well you better get used to just watching videos of good non local bands because it doesn't look like I will be taking pictures of any of them any time soon.

But at least we live in a great period of time if not necessarily a great place*, a time when someone like Cat Martino can send me an email with her video that she made and I can just cut and paste it onto my very own web page and you can watch it on your iPads from the comfort of your own bed.

The song is about Jennie Hodgers, who transformed into Albert Cashier to fight in the Civil War, if I was lady in the 1800's and got to pick my own new going to war man name I probably would have gone with something like Justice Canonhands, Vengeance Ironflames or Princess Moonbeam, something scary like that.

I hope Cat doesn't boycott us because it would be pretty rad of her to go on tour and make a stop in Phoenix. Not that any sane person would intentionally want to come here until at least October even if we weren't becoming a fascist regime.

Oh and if Zack de la Rocha/RATM thinks they are sooooo special, maybe they can record a new album. Maybe one that doesn't suck even, one that we would actually want to see/hear live, instead of resting on the laurels of albums that came out between 11 and 19 years ago? Then at least we would have something to be upset about when they don't come to Phoenix.

* Because it's summertime and the rest of the world hates us.