Monday, June 28, 2010

Tonight In The Valley: Blitzen Trapper, Damien Jurado, Light Pollution

If you are in the mood for some good time, good feelin' folksy rock music. AND you are also in the mood for painfully opressive heat and humidity then boy do I have just the musical event for you. Blitzen Trapper at The Clubhouse tonight! Tix are $15 and you can get them HERE

You could also make the equally good choice of checking out Damien Jurado in a slightly less spacious/hot Rhythm Room for $3 less ($12 for the math challenged) tix HERE!

OR if you are in a more electronic mood The Trunk Space is hosting Chicago's own Light Pollution for the mere pittance of $8

I have a little bonus tip... Blitzen Trapper are playing at the Tempe Zia around 6pm for free. So technially you could go see them there then head to one of the other shows. But I suspect if you like Blitzen Trapper enough to want to see them at Zia you will want to see them at The Clubhouse too.