Friday, June 4, 2010

Video: Random Doing On The Tracks

If I was the type of person that rode the "Light Rail" I would be pretty stoked to be on the train during one of these "On The Tracks" tappings. I might be scerred at first though, because when I envision myself on the "Light Rail" I am listening to Sleigh Bells and reading the newspaper (The Guardian or something) on my iPad. So I obviously wouldn't be paying that much attention to what was going on then when the playing started I would probably be really startled for a second, then I would take my ear buddies out and really get into the experience.

I have never heard of the local by way of Philly rapper Random until right now, but he is really fucking good. He is also middle school teacher. I bet having him as a teacher would be really awesome. I bet he really embarrasses kids when they smart off though.