Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Vince Is Selling Eminem's New Album

Vince, the guy behind the Slap Chop(do those things really work?) and ShamWow commercials, ran into a spot of bad luck recently when he got busted for smacking around a prostitute. Ever since he's been absent from my late night flipping of channels. Which is actually kind of sucks, because as commercials go he did manage to keep them somewhat interesting. But it looks like he is making his triumphant return by telling you why you should buy the new album from Eminem, Recovery.

While I'm sure Em doesn't really need any help selling records this does make for a pretty funny commercial and makes me think that hiring Vince to help promote your records wouldn't be such a terrible idea and would probably help move a lot of extra copies of your record. It's too bad Billy Mays died. I would have loved to see him hype up the new Arcade Fire album.

Switching topics for a minute: I (along with a lot of other people) was less than crazy about Relapse. From the few songs I've heard, though, Recovery seems to be a lot better.