Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mini T's, Kinch, The Spinto Band & Owen Evans Tonight @ The Rhythm Room

We have been pimping this show for awhile now (or has it been pimping us?) but the day has finally arrived! The Triumphant return of Miniature Tigers to The Valley of the Sun! After selfishly abandoning us (for nothing more than the furthering of their career and opportunity the biggest city in the US affords), tonight they are gracing us, the lowly peasants/serfs/hayseeds/country bumpkins of the Greater Phoenix Metro Area with their omnipotent presence!

But really... who the fuck WOULDN'T move to NY/Brooklyn or LA if they could? That's where the music industry IS. You wouldn't get mad at someone for moving to Nebraska to get into the corn industry or Alabama if they wanted to break into the retard biz!

But we have defended them enough over the last few months. Tonight is about celebrating their new album F O R T R E S S. The album that comes out TODAY. The day they are IN Phoenix. That wasn't an accident you know. They arranged the whole tour and release date just SO they could be in Phoenix the day it came out, because they care. So you should really come out tonight and support a group of people with the balls to take a chance on making it.*

*That was WAY to serious for me... cock, pussy, assfuck mother fucker! That's better.