Wednesday, July 7, 2010

mp3's: Noun "Brother" & "Holy Hell"

It feels like a million years since I posted an mp3 rather than a video right? Well here are TWO mp3's that you can download at any time. Or you can just listen to them. It's a free country you can do whatevs man!

Noun is the solo project of the Screaming Females Marissa Paternoster. If you don't know about Screaming Females then you are neither cool OR a murderer/rapist/Beatle/Justin Beiber. And you also don't follow this blog as closely as you should because we totally posted a song from them before. But you should totally check them out and I assure you that you will most likly "get into them". Or if you are lazy just listen to Noun and if you like that her album Holy Hell just came out yesterday.

Noun -

Noun -
"Holy Hell"