Thursday, July 1, 2010

Video: flakjakt "Cascades"

It's not too often you're ever going to see us tipping our hat to popular technology blog Gizmodo for posting a music video ahead of us but I guess there is a first time for everything.

For those of you who are unaware or who are just plain 'ol anti-Apple products, the new iPhone 4 is available and according to just about everyone I know who has one it's the bees knees. Personally, I have the iPhone 3G and will be upgrading fairly soon. One particular feature I'm looking forward to on the new iPhone is the improved camera which allows for better photos and video.

The improvements of the camera on the new iPhone was the topic of a recent blog post on Gizmodo which highlighted some of the first music videos shot entirely on the iPhone 4.

Both videos that were posted on the Gizmodo blog post looked good quality wise but the one that really caught my attention was the above video from Vancouver musician flakjakt. I know just about fuck all about this band and I'm assuming it's the just the one guy. But he filmed the music video for his song "Cascades" on the iPhone 4. While it looks like it had some heavy editing done the video looks pretty amazing considering it was filmed entirely on a smart phone. Not to mention the fact that the song is pretty amazing. 

If you like this song I'd suggest checking out flakjakt's MySpace page.  Everything up there is pretty good. 

Personally, I'm hoping this starts a new trend in DIY videos that are a little more creative and original then some of the ones that I've seen recently. As someone who enjoys films just as much as I enjoy music I've always thought of the music video as a psuedo-film genre but feel that art form has really declined in the past decade or so. Here is hoping for a revolution.

[via: Gizmodo]