Thursday, September 30, 2010

Miami Horror Video Is Like A Time Machine

So I got an email from this band called Miami Horror back in August and totally ignored it because of their name. I was expecting them to be some sort of "Gloria Estevan/Horrorcore" band and wanted NOTHING to do with it. It also didn't help that the email didn't include a link to listen to any music or watch a video or anything. They expected me to go through all the trouble of trying to find that myself! I don't even have arms for hells sake!

Cut to Sept 30th 1pm... I get ANOTHER email from them (this being the 4th) but this time the email mentions Alan Palomo, Memory Tapes and NPR. So I was like "Oh this shit might be good, I better check it out" because I am nothing but a fat hairy music snob and after only 3 failed attempts they figured out the right buttons to push.

As it turns out Miami Horror are from Australia and they are "chill wave" I guess and not at all "Gloria Estevan/Horrorcore".

They have a new album out called Illumination that I am about halfway through and so far I really like. I guess what I am trying to say is "Don't judge a band by their stupid name, but also include links and name drop in your publicity emails!".