Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Gorillaz With N.E.R.D. or Built To Spill

Tonight is kind of a big deal. Gorillaz are playing at Comerica (formerly Dodge) Theatre and Built to Spill are playing at The Marquee. What to do what to do? Personally I have cloned myself and will be going to both. But if I wasn't so smart I would probably have to go with the Gorillaz, and here is why. They fact that they even put out an album and are touring on it might never happen again. The fact they they are even coming to Phoenix is pretty amazing, AND N.E.R.D. are opening!

Couple that with the facts that Built to Spill were just here and will probably put out another album and will probably be here again in my lifetime I think Gorillaz are the right choice.

I am going to take photos and write up a review, look for it tomorrow. Good luck with your pants.

Gorillaz Tickets HERE

Built to Spill Tickets HERE