Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Matt & Kim Tonight @ The Clubhouse

Matt & Kim are playing tonight at The Clubhouse. It's totally sold out so this post is intended to accomplish three thing... to remind you that the show is tonight if you already bought tickets, to make you feel bad about NOT already buying tickets before they sold out and to of course remind everybody to not drink and drive or to make sure your car doesn't get towed from that wretched place.

I guess they are also going to have a pre-show listening party of their not yet released new album Sidwalks.

"Each night when doors open, were having a listening party of our upcoming album SIDEWALKS. (Releases Nov. 2nd) Were excited that people who come support us at shows will get a chance to hear it before anyone else!" - Matt & Kim

Not sure why they don't just play the songs live, with the instruments they will supposedly have with them? Who knows? Not me, but then again my band was a total failure so who am I to talk?