Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Gorillaz - "Doncamatic" feat. Daley

I was lucky enough to catch the Gorillaz last Tuesday when the played a packed Comerica Theatre. And believe me when I say I was lucky because the show was mind blowing. In addition to being able to see the Gorillaz for the first time they also had one half of The Clash on stage with them. Not too shabby. One of the nice things of the show was the fact that for the first time on tour they played a new track that they had released as a single shortly before going on tour. The new track, "Doncamatic," features up and coming UK R&B act Daley. Daley had flown in from Manchester the day before to join up with the Gorillaz on tour. Dude had some crazy ass hair but he could also sing pretty good. You can take a listen to the track down below. Enjoy!

Gorillaz Ft. Daley - Doncamatic by Marionn