Monday, November 1, 2010

Just THINKING About Bandcyle Makes Me Tired

These two guys are cycling across the USA(!) and checking out sick heartland indie bands along the way, then making webisodes about their madcap adventures.

This is what we can safely assume about them...

1)They are in shape.
2)They have trust funds OR are now very poor OR have smoothed talked someone with a trust fund into funding this... but, THEY are probably still very poor.
3)They are hoping to parle' this into a book deal and/or signature line of bike shorts.

It IS a cool idea, aside from all the exercise... obviously! Exercise is for dogs and hamsters. Cars and beer (and being painfully self aware of our own mortality) are for HUMANS!

There latest adventures have taken them as far as New Mexico, so I can only guess that Arizona is next. The ride from Flagstaff to Phoenix should be fun... and fast.