Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christopher Willits New Agesque "Light Into Branches"

This is what Christopher Willits says about this song...

"I created this song instantaneously, soon after an injury was healed. My right shoulder smashed hard on the pavement. The doctor provided two options for me, invasive surgery or potential life-long pain. My intuition pointed to my own path, and through focused meditations, specifically visualizing light running through my shoulder and arms, I healed incredibly fast. The doctor was amazed, and the experience validated what I have always known; our bodies are made of light (en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Biophoton) and we can heal ourselves with our imagination and focused intentions. Energy from the Earth and energy from the stars runs through us, branching out like trees and serpentine rivers. Yes."

I am happy that he healed himself with the healing power of laughter/envisioning light but I personally don't think we are ALL made out of light. I know for a fact that I am made out of carbon, marshmallows and crushed dreams. But maybe Christopher can spend a few minutes everyday thinking about light flowing through my beer gut, and maybe I will loose 30 or so pounds.

If you will excuse me I need to get to a vortex in Sedona STAT!