Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Electric Mustache's Top 10 Albums of the Year (Part 1)

Hello, friends! So Shawn and I have really been dragging ass on getting up our favorite albums of the year list. Since there are only a few days left of 2010 I thought I'd go ahead and get my list up and out of the way. After all, we all know that lists that come out after the year is over are totally dumb and pointless. Speaking of which...

You probably won't see Shawn's until 2011 due to the fact that he's up north right now drinking hot coco and making giant snow boobs. Or whatever it is people with beards do in the snow. Anyways, keep an eye out for his list sometime in 2011. Maybe June if we're all lucky.

Here are my top 10 favorite albums and songs of 2010. There were definitely some really great albums that came out this year. Ask me in a few weeks and I'll probably want to change this list around, but right now this is where my head is at. Enjoy!

Top 10 Favorite Albums:

10. Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

09. Janelle Monae - The ArchAndroid

08. The Morning Benders - Big Echo

07. Local Natives - Gorilla Manor

06. Flying Lotus - Cosmogramma

05. Miniature Tigers - Fortress

04. Gorillaz - Plastic Beach

03. Avi Buffalo - Avi Buffalo

02. The Tallest Man On Earth - The Wild Hunt

01. Arcade Fire - The Suburbs

Top 10 Favorite Songs:

I'm fucking exhausted from finding all of those YouTube videos so you're going to have to find the rest of these on your own.

10. The Roots - "Right On"
09. Twin Shadow - "Slow"
08. The Morning Benders - "Promises"
07. Local Natives - "Airplanes"
06. Twin Sister - "Lady Daydream"
05. MGMT - "Congratulations"
04. Arcade Fire "The Suburbs"
03. Avi Buffalo - "Jessica"
02. The Tallest Man On Earth - "You're Going Back"
01. Gorillaz - "Empire Ants"