Friday, December 17, 2010

Eskimo Callboy With Your Perspective Of The Day

How is this for your "Perspective Of The Day"? How is this for your "Perspective Of The Year?". These guys fellas go by Eskimo Callboy, they are German, and it makes perfect sense what with the Germans history of just totally going along with really really bad ideas... IE Hasselhoff and that guy with the tiny mustache. I actually listened/watched this entire video while writing this and I am pretty sure those two girls kissing at the 2:32 mark are not of age in America, so be careful.

Also this is what happens when the legal drinking age is 16 (or 14 if you are with your parents). If you take into account that the legal age in the US is 21 and kids start illegally drinking when they are 14 or younger, then Germans kids are probably sneaking steins of Spaten behind the müllcontainer in 2nd grade.

via Videogum