Friday, December 3, 2010

Video: Snail Quail - "Phoenix, Arizona"

Sometimes, people like myself, take for granted that we live in a pretty awesome city. Sure, we like to all bitch about the heat and the fact that we never get the really good concerts and that our local government is run by a bunch of dumb assess...I could do this all day long, folks, but rather than rattle off a list of complaints I think I'll focus on the positive for a minute. I've lived in Arizona all my life and I've lived in the Phoenix metro area for the last ten or so years and while I don't exactly have any other point of reference I do think living here is pretty awesome.

You know who also thinks living here is pretty great? An pretty fantastic group?(I think it's just the one guy) called Snail Quail. Our friends over at the Phoenix New Times blog Up on the Sun posted this terrific video from the folk singer who professes his love for our great city. Enjoy.