Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Blaqstarr Gets Some Feedback On His New Video

So this video from Blaqstarr showed up in my inbox this afternoon. It's not the best song ever but it's not terrible. I kinda like it. It IS weird, but does it deserve the following comments? Prob not. That is a lot of bad comments when your video only has 316 views... My favorite "hahahahahha this really suck!" Check out some more...

This is...horrible :|


his record label must of signed him up because they have the free time space they had to fill, money to waste considering that there is alot of talent out there

this guy apparently , obviously has zero talent...this is just sewer water going thru my hears

worst song i ever hear...any time my radio play this shit it is going out the window

OMG he is horrible!



this thing is the worst thing in the whole YouTube!!

his vocals=horrible


it is out of music....the beats doesn't fit in the whole song!!

hahahahahha this really suck!