Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Metal Feathers, Great Band With A Great Name... Finally

I have been calling out bands for having stupid names as of late but today things have changed. Metal Feathers for god's sake! METAL FEATHERS! Goddamn genius! They are not half bad either.Truth be told I would have probably never even listened to them if not for their name. Why? Because all they sent was an email with a link to their Bandcamp page, that's it. The nerve! They didn't even say how much they liked reading ElectricMustache and how they check it everyday for new posts and how they tell all their friends about us. How DARE they not even try to kiss our asses? Do they REALLY think that by the power of their awesome name alone they can persuade me to click on a link and listen to an entire album? I guess they did, because I did. You should too. You can even download their whole album for free on their Bandcamp page.