Friday, February 18, 2011

Trampled by Turtles "Victory" Over Lazyiness

I think the reason you don't see even more stop motion videos is because they are kinda dumb and I would imagine very time consuming and difficult to make. It's classic effort vs reward theory in action. Unless you are Tim Burton or Tool and it's still the 90's what is the point? That being said this Trampled by Turtles video is pretty good, but the song is even better. They seriously could have just flip cam'd themselves sitting on chairs playing this song in a open field and I would have liked it only maybe 20% less, but they have probably put in 800% more effort than that. They could have saved themselves like hundreds if not thousands of man hours. I should write a very short book about the benefits of being lazy.

P.S... looking at the dudes in the band they are obviously no strangers to laziness, so I guess I am directing this message to the director rather than the band. Even though they probably had to do a lot of jumping to get that floating effect. And jumping is very strenuous.