Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mark Romanek Video Mashup

I guess this probably goes without saying, but I love music. After all, I do have my own music blog. But I also love movies. I probably love movies just as much as I do music and spend just as much time watching obscure foreign films as I do listening to obscure music. Which is why I love it when the two are combined into music videos.

Sadly the music video has become a bit of a lost art form. Which is understandable really. It's not like there is an outlet for videos anymore. Which totally sucks because a lot of times three or four minute clips can be a lot more entertaining than some movies that get made these days.

Growing up in the town I did I never had MTV or VH1. When my family got a satelite dish in 1997 I spent most of my time watching MTV or M2. I know weird, right? But yes, they use to play videos on MTV. In fact M2, which is now MTV 2, played 24 hours of videos. I was blown away by some of the videos I saw from directors like Spike Jonze, Michel Gondry, Chris Cunningham, Hammer & Tongs, and others.

Another really great director is Mark Romanek. Not my favorite but he made some really great videos back in the '90s. Here's a cool mashup of some his past videos that popped up on the YouTubes today. Enjoy!