Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New Music Tuesday: Memory Tapes, Clams Casino, Gardens & Villa

Pretty good batch of stuff out today considering it's a holiday week. I am going to pick up Clams Casino as soon as I get out of the burn unit. I might have had a little accident with the Roman Candles last night ;-)

You see, injuries caused by the improper use of fireworks are one of the very few injuries you can make fun of without feeling toooo guilty.

Alison Krauss: Paper Airplane [vinyl]
Big Spider's Back: Memory Man
Bon Iver: Calgary [vinyl]
Brian Eno: Drums Between the Bells
Bright Archer: Hidden System
Clams Casino: Rainforest
Com Truise: Galactic Melt [vinyl]
Deadmou5: live @ earl's court [dvd]
The Deer Tracks: The Archer Trilogy Pt. 2
Deerhoof: Milk Man (reissue) [vinyl]
Gardens & Villa: Gardens & Villa
Jackie-O Motherf**ker: Earth Sound System
Las Kellies: Kellies
Memory Tapes: Player Piano
Motor City Drum Ensemble: DJ-Kicks
Old 97's: Grand Theatre Vol. 2
The Postelles: The Postelles [vinyl]
Pure X: Pleasure
Samiyam: Sam Baker's Album
Teddybears: Devil's Music
The Telescopes: Taste + The Perfect Needle EP
Various Artists: Perfect Jazz Collection 2 (25-CD box set)
Wild Moccasins: Skin Collision Past [vinyl]