Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New Music Tuesday: The Beach Boys, Florence + The Machine, Panda Bear

Who doesn't love The Beach Boys? Probably a lot of people actually... but those people are jerks and I don't like them.

Not a whole bunch of new stuff out today. Mostly re-issues and junk like that. There is the new Metallica/ Lou Reed/Your Drunk Uncle Ted, "album" thing that I have not listened to because I fully expect it to not be all that great but who really knows and or cares anyway?

 Check out what's new and leave some comments with suggestions for your fellow humans.

The Beach Boys: The SMiLE Sessions
Bob Dylan: Beyond Here Lies Nothin': The Best of Bob Dylan
Carole King: A Holiday Carole
Caroline Smith: Little Wind
Chris Isaak: Beyond the Sun [vinyl]
The Dear Hunter: The Color Spectrum: The Complete Collection
Decemberists: Long Live the King EP
Florence + The Machine: Ceremonials
Girl in a Coma: Exists & All the Rest
Gram Parsons: Gram Parsons: The Early Years (4-CD box set)
Helmet: Meantime (reissue) [vinyl]
Jethro Tull: Aqualung: 40th Anniversary (remastered with bonus CD)
Jupe Jupe: Reduction in Drag
The Loom: Teeth
Lou Reed and Metallica: Lulu
Matt Pond PA: Emblems (reissue) [vinyl]
Mike Patton: The Solitude of Prime Numbers (soundtrack)
Nellie McKay: Obligatory Villagers (reissue)
Panda Bear: Tom boy (4-LP box set)
Queen: Queen 40 Limited Edition Collector's Box Set Volume 3 (10-CD box set)
Rich Aucoin: We're All Dying To Live
Robin Bacior: Rest Our Wings
Rolling Stones: All 6 Ed Sullivan Shows [dvd]
Ryan Adams: Ashes & Fire [vinyl]
Shelby Earl: Burn the Boats
The Soft Moon: Total Decay EP
U2: Achtung Baby (remastered)
Wale: Ambition