Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Music Tuesday: Picture Of Cookies

So today is either the day you have been waiting for or dreading, depending on stance on LDR. Personally I don't really care anymore. But that is mostly because I don't care about ANYTHING anymore so that is just one more thing to not care about. It's pretty exhausting to have keep track of so so many things I no longer care about.

Adam Arcuragi: Like a fire that consumes all before it...
The Asteroids Galaxy Tour: Out of Frequency
The Big Sleep: Nature Experiments
Black Bananas: Rad Times Express IV
The Bloody Beetroots: Church of Noise [vinyl]
Buxton: Nothing Here Seems Strange
Carsie Blanton: Idiot Heart
David Bowie: Hours (remastered)
The Doozer: Keep It Together
Elephant Micah: Louder Than Thou
The Ex-Girlfriends Club: Boo Hoo Hoo
Golden Calves: Collection: Money Band + Century
Gotye: Making Mirrors
Gretchen Peters: Hello Cruel World
Grimes: Halfaxa
Hospitality: Hospitality
Imperial Teen: Feel the Sound
Jason Isbell: Sirens of the Ditch [vinyl]
The Jealous Sound: A Gentle Reminder
John Cage: Number Pieces 6: Five / Seven / Thirteen
John Hiatt: Open Road [vinyl]
John Zorn: Mount Analogue
Ladytron: Witching Hour [vinyl]
Lana Del Ray: Born to Die
Leonard Cohen: Old Ideas
Loops of Your Heart: And Never Ending Nights
Lymbyc Systym: Shutter Release (reissue)
The Magnetic Fields: Andrew in Drag / When Next I Fall in Love [vinyl]
Mr. Gnome: Madness in Miniature
Night Genes: Like the Blood
PacificUV: Weekends
Pepe Deluxe: Queen of the Wave
Pet Shop Boys: Before (Remixes EP)
The Pines: Dark So Gold
PJ Harvey: Let England Shake: 12 Short Films By Seamus Murphy [dvd]
Prinzhorn Dance School: Clay Class
Ringo Starr: Ringo 2012
Ruthie Foster: Let It Burn
Shonen Knife: Osaka Ramones: Tribute To The Ramone
Susumu Yokota: Dreamers
Terry Riley: Aleph
Various Artists: Matador: Intended Play 2012 [vinyl]
Various Artists: Tucson Songs: Exciting New Sounds from Southern Arizona [vinyl]