Thursday, April 19, 2012

Show On Camelback With Black Carl & Friends

I approve of this sort of thing for intrepid types, the sort of people that enjoy a nice spring hike up a mountain. I would have died from exhaustion even if I still had use of my legs. I am not paralyzed or anything, just tied up in this dark basement. I heard on the news that it's going to be over 100 degrees this Sunday, I mention that because this Show on Camelback is happening again, for the love of god they are all going to get the heat strokes (The Heat Strokes would be a good name for a Strokes cover band, as long as you were only playing on the top of a Mountain in 100 degree plus weather though. Anywhere else it would probably be pretty stupid sounding).

If this looks your kind of thing anb you are crazy enough to hike up that mountain this Sunday (4/22), they are leaving at 9am and playing at 10:30, I would assume the rescue choppers will be there by 11:15.

Bonus Fleet Foxes cover...