Monday, March 11, 2013

Matt and Kim @ Marquee Theatre 3/9/2013

Matt and Kim @ Marquee Theatre 3-09-2013-4>

When you go to see a Matt and Kim show you better know what you are getting into, because if you don't you might accidentally get smashed in the face with having the great time you were next expecting to get into. The odds are that if you are headed to a concert you probably are supporters of the bands you are paying to see. But if by the off chance you were hijacked and taken against your will you have the best kidnappers ever.

The last time I had the fortune of covering Matt and Kim I had to leave after the first three songs, even though I could tell during those three songs they were great I knew I was missing out on something even better. This time around I was able to stay to completion and I was right... pretty amazing. Check out the photographs that attempt to convey how bad ass it was.