Thursday, April 11, 2013

Coastal Cities "Entropic"

Apparently I am just going to listen to happy beach-y sounding songs until the non beach-y Phoenix summer kills me,  that I am guessing will happen mid August at best if not earlier. There ARE better ways to die, but there are most definitely worse ones too. Example of worse... Heart attack WHILST listening to Demi Lavoto's "Heart Attack".

That would be a very confusing/conflicted death, on one hand you would be pretty upset and surprised that you were dying, on the other hand you would be relieved that you no longer had to listen to the song. Worst case scenario would be to have the heart attack at the beginning then die right as it was ending. The worst 3:36 of your life... literally!

By the way, I feel confident that I have used the word "literally" as it was intended. I don't think there is anything at all figurative about saying that having a heart attack then dying 3:36 later, all while having Demi Lavato screaming terribleness into your ears is the low point in your now ended life. In fact I think that should be an example for people when teaching the difference between literal and figurative. You are welcome schools.

Also, I just noticed that if the heart attack DIDN'T kill you the irony would. I  am pretty confident that dying of a heart attack during a song called "Heart Attack" is actually ironic and not just coincidental. On second though, I take that back, it IS just coincidental.  Damn, irony is hard nut to crack... figuratively.