Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Desert Sky Pavilion Changed It's Name Again

This is ONLY applicable to people in the greater Phoenix Metropolitan area and/or people who are huge fans of the corporate naming of venues, but they changed their name again today... again. It's now going by Ak-Chin Pavilion. That might feel like a mouthful but when you compare it to the last name, it flows off the tongue like something that is very smooth. Here is a list of the former names...

Desert Sky Pavilion (1988-96); (2013-2013) 
Blockbuster Desert Sky Pavilion (1996-2001) 
Cricket Pavilion (2001-2006) 
Cricket Wireless Pavilion (2006-2010) 
Ashley Furniture HomeStore Pavilion (2010-2013)

That is all, carry on.