Monday, August 26, 2013

Backpack Review: Chrome Industries Bravo Night

As promised I am reviewing gear for you now.

Humans carry stuff, I am human and I am always going places with stuff! Sometimes I shove it all into my pockets but guess what? Macbooks are really hard to fit into your pockets. I go through bags like Goldilocks goes through bears (or is it beds?). I can never find the best one, and I am convinced there isn't a best one, but there are really good ones for specific situations.

I have been wearing/carrying Chrome Industries new Bravo Night for just over a week now. To and from the office with a few bike trips thrown in for good measure. When I have only my Macbook, iPad, Kindle Paperwhite and not my  camera it is probably the most comfortable back pack I have ever had strapped to me. But when I put something bulky in the main compartment, like my Sony RX1, it just sorta sits there like a big lump since the outside pocket is where you put all your flat electronics and the massive cavernous main compartment is in between your heavy flat gadgets and your back. Not really and ideal situation to put your sweet precious baby into.

This is why I said it's a great pack for a specific situation and not the perfect pack to end my never ending search for the perfect pack. Without anything bulky in the main cargo area everything is great, in fact you can fill it with an insanely large amount of stuff as long as it's generally long and flat or able to be shaped that way, like clothes or about 23 baguettes. I sort of take that all back though, if you find yourself in a "one off situation" where you might need to get 10 skateboards across town on your bike, look no further. Gotta take your 27inch iMac to work one day... on a bike, it will probably work great.

Even if you had to take 18 Sony RX1's as payment for a drug deal (no idea why you would have that many of them otherwise, stop being a drug dealer BTW) that would be just fine too. What it's not suited for is taking one oddly shaped item in the main compartment when you have a Macbook in the outside compartment, or as I like to call it, the thing I do everyday.

Despite the aggravating bulge my everyday carry situation causes me I am still probably going to use this bag because all the other pro outweigh this one con. The comfort, expandability and quality of construction are just too good to let one annoying thing get in the way. Oh and it's super reflective so when I am out looking for loaves of french bread at night I won't get ran over, that is where the "Night" part of the name comes from if you were wondering.

If you are looking for a rock solid "BOMBPROOF" backpack to take to work that will expand to carry just about anything that comes up in your life then look no further. Just don't put your babies in it and you should be fine.

Chrome Bravo Night