Friday, February 27, 2009

What Laura Says "Thinks and Feels" | Album Review

Sooo this day marks a huge milestone in Electric Mustache history. Today is the day that I received my very first promo CD in the mail to review. We are a relatively young site so it might sound a little dorky but I am excited non the less so just shush it up OK!

Now on to the review!!! I must admit that up until last week I had not heard of What Laura Says but I was fortunate enough to catch them opening up for Jessica Lea Mayfield and Annuals last Tuesday at the Rhythm Room and I was very impressed if you recall from my review of that show. So I emailed the bands management and asked for their album that came out last year to be sent to me post haste. I have just listened to it about 4 times in a row in the last few hours and I am loving it to say the least. I am not going to lie, it's not what I was expecting after seeing them live, the songs are a little more layed back and a lot less "my ears are on acid" but it kicks a camels balls just the same. The opening track Couldn't Lose Myself If I Tried starts out with a freaky metronome count down that gives me flashbacks to band practice then turns into a song that would go well in a Broadway musical. The standout track has to be Waves, it's a nice slow acoustic jaunt with whistles that makes me feel like I am on the beach in Hawaii or something...or just really high. Overall I shall give Thinks and Feels 8 Beards. I suggest you get into your iTunes store click here and purchase the shit out of it.