Friday, March 27, 2009

Mastadon "Crack The Skye" | 9.1 Beards (Reviews)

You may have not been expecting ElectricMustache to review let alone absolutely love Mastodon's new album Crack The Skye since we are all indie n' shit but you know what? We did and we do, so there. Mastodon is one of the rare bands that spans genres and gets love from all types of people, just check out the metacritic reviews...go ahead. I know in my heart that every kid that ever started playing guitar imagined himself in a band just like Mastadon. I bet M. Ward and Connon Oberst stand in front of the mirror and air guitar to "Quintessence" I assure you they do. I think it has to do with the fact that they for the most part SING instead of SCREAM like demons, oh and they just effing rock...they rock so very very hard you can't help but to get sucked into their awesomeness, just try, I dare you.

Crack The Skye is available NOW from Reprise Records