Monday, March 30, 2009

Proof that American Eagle employs only douche bags

So my wife and I went to dinner on Friday night at Desert Ridge, and after eating, decided to take a leisurely stroll through the myriad of shops and boutiques that make up the outdoor mall. At one point, we cross AE and my wife spots a pair of shorts from the window, so we go in to check them out. As I cross the threshold, I'm immediately taken aback and have to pause for a moment. AE is piping through it's sound tubes, Hot Chip's "Wrestlers".
>Internally, I surmised that the music must be controlled by the minimum wage employees and that some svelte 17-year old is hip to the latest indie trends. Myself, edging on 30, decide to underline the bold move, a "pat on the back" as it were, hoping to score some points with the nations youth.

"Great song", I say to the bleach-blonde male employee as he greets us.

"You like this?", he says with a smirk, "every time I hear it, I can't help but think I can make a better song in Garage Band in 30 minutes"

What, a DOUCHE - amiright?

So not only does the guy NOT like the song, it dawns on me, it wasn't from an employee's iPod, someone who poured tirelessly over thousands of songs, cherry-picking the best to showcase at his place of employ, but from the corporate-endorsed videos playing throughout the stores.

American Eagle was playing Hot Chip to the Mall-masses.

I now realize why I steer clear from American Eagle; (well, the horrible employees and the fact that I can't fit into their jeans). But I don't know what's worse? The fact that the kid didn't like Hot Chip, and thought he could do better on his (parents provided) Mac, or the fact that the corporate shills at American Eagle picked that song and it's video to lure customers into buying over-priced crap clothes? I'm still worried it may have tainted my Hot Chip love...steer me straight guys!