Thursday, March 26, 2009

Seeland "Call The Incredible" | MP3

Hey you guys!!! Do you like songs? Do you like songs that are listenable? Do you like listenable songs that are actually good? If you said yes to 3 or more of those questions then today is your lucky day. At the bottom of this post is a new song from UK group Seeland, the new collaboration from Tim Felton (Broadcast) and Billy Bainbridge (Plone) They have a new album that just came out this week...I have not heard the rest of the album yet but "Call The Incredible" is really effing temtastic.

In fact read what some pretentious media outlets have to say about Seeland:

"quietly infectious - think Stereolab filtered through the Clientele's rain-streaked melancholy - and percolates with an easygoing, effervescent spirit lifted from the '60s." - Elle Magazine

"Cool tunes from a kaleidoscopic laboratory. This act combines former members of Broadcast and Plone, and their debut bristles with all the geek-chic those credits suggest." - KEXP "Top 10 for 2009" Kurt Reighley

"...Tomorrow Today places itself as the latest development of a parallel history where the guitar was an afterthought and synthesizers and sonic exploration ruled pop music." - The Wire

"this group of ex-Broadcast and Plone members has an affinity for the sounds and instruments of a bygone golden age of German pop music...vintage analog synthesizers, live and electronic drums, clean guitar leads, and subdued vocals." - Tiny Mix Tapes

"This is indie-pop for a new century that still tips its hat to the old one." - Plan B

Call The Incredible