Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Show is the Rainbow "Wet Fist" | 8.2 Beards (Review)

So I went to They Rhythm Room last night for some relaxing musical entertainment but instead I got "womb fucked" by The Show is the Rainbow, who is in fact only one man...Darren Keen. Straight outa Omaha and into our hearts. This is my first time experiencing the type of lyrical and actual physical destruction by just one person. Take "Mother and Son" for example, a song that is about being in the womb and your slut mom banging tons of dudes getting hit in the face with man member over and over again then being born with clothes on. Overall the album is really good but the live performance is what you need to kill to get to. For example, if your mom tells you that you can't see The Show is the Rainbows because you have to take care of your stupid dog...just kill the dog and go (check myspace for dates), the ghost of your dog will understand. Oh and use the money you just saved on dog food to buy Wet Fist at your local or virtual sound apothecary.

Mother And Son