Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Upcoming Show: H.R. of Bad Brains

Normally I wouldn't bore you with the personal details of my childhood but it relates to this story and it's my blog so bear with me a moment. I grew up in an very small retirement community about two hours south of Phoenix. This sleepy little desert town is quietly isolated out in the middle of the desert and its only real claim to fame is that is that it's the last place to get gas on the way down to Rocky Point. Growing up we didn't have MTV and the only radio station we could pick up was a pretty lame top 40 station out of Tucson. Due to these circumstances my exposure to music was limited to what was popular at the time which was mostly rap music and some grunge. It wasn't until I moved into the big city that I began to expand on my musical knowledge. One of the first things that I discovered while living in Phoenix was punk music and one of my favorite punk bands was and still are the Bad Brains.

Although, I've never had the chance to actually see the Bad Brains live and in concert this Sunday you can catch their legendary front man H.R. at Jugheads in Phoenix. When I say legendary it's two parts because he and the rest of the Bad Brains are responsible for one of the most important punk albums ever and also because of the legendary reputation H.R. has built as being one crazy mofo. Take for example the time he showed up at his record label in drag with a gun in a brown paper bag and demanded money then pranced around the office saying, "Now everyone is gonna know."

Still don't think he's crazy yet? Watch this:

You can catch H.R. at Jugheads Sunday, March 22nd with Outlaw Nation and VW Trainwreck.