Wednesday, March 18, 2009

LAKE,Rafter and Princeton at SxSTATESIDE 3/16/2009

If you recall(and you should, it was only like 4 hours ago I told you about it) there was a show this past Monday at the Rhythm Room in Phoenix that went by the name of SxSTATESIDE. It was basically our (Phoenix) answer to SXSW that is going on this week. I was there working for Radio Phoenix so I didn't a chance to see all the bands but of the 5 I saw 4 were really good...Dusty Rhodes and The River Band got their own post because they are awesome and they have a new album coming out so refer to THIS post if you want to know more about them but continue reading to hear my thoughts on the rest of my night.

I was stationed outside at the "sign our sheet for free stickers table" that happened to be right in front of the outside stage where the first band of the night Princeton played. I must say that they were really quit good despite being sans their drummer and the kinda shitty sound. I would suggest you take a gander at their myspace page and check them out, they are a real treat for your sound pussies.

I then abandoned my table duties to go inside and check out LAKE and I have to say they were the cutest most charming band I have seen/heard since I saw Ween in 1996. If you don't believe me then just check out this video...those effing shorts are so awesome that I went back to 1978 and told my dad to save me a pair.

After LAKE I went back outside and caught The Blakes, they are a couple of brothers with a rocking drummer and they remind me of Kings of Leon with less relatives and douchebagedness. Their manager was as pleasant as spring morn and gave me 3 of their CD's and comic book that one of the brothers did. Get up all on their site to check them out yo.

Then I went BACK in and saw Dusty Rhodes and The River Band, again they are lifes answer to corn in poop.

Here are some pics that other people (Radio Phoenix) took that night and some videos courtesy of



The Blakes