Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Exclusive Starfucker Interview

It's no lie when people say I have a man crush on Starfucker, so when I had the opportunity to virtually interview them...I did. I asked them a whole gaggle of stupid questions and a couple serious ones and gave them and all of Portland a public service announcement and they responded with the kind of wit only a band called Starfucker could muster. Che check it out:

(Electric Mustache) In your new video when you wore dresses did they make you "tuck your junk" for safety reasons?

(Starfucker) Ya, but not for safety reasons, we just like the feel.

(EM) This is more of a warning than a question, but the guitar player in my old band moved to Portland, and he has herpes, so try to avoid him, his name is Joe and you will know him by the trail of sores.

(SF) OK cool. thanks for the heads up, but sadly i think about 75% of Portland has herpes.

(EM) What inspired you to cover "Girls Just Want to Have Fun"? Other than the obvious that is (its an awesome song).

(SF) I(Josh) had it as my ring tone..and ya, just the obvious.

(EM) Are you fortunate enough to not have day jobs when you are not on tour? And if so then congrats but what WOULD you be doing if you HAD to have jobs? And if you DO have day jobs what are they and do they involve food service?

(SF) 2 of us are fortunate to HAVE work when we're not on tour. the other 2 are on food stamps. i think we're close to being able to live on music but not quite there yet. and ya, one serves coffee, one makes websites or something. i used to work with old people as a caregiver but touring all the time doesn't really work with that.

(EM) Who is Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second and is he better or worse than Rawnald Gregory Erickson the First?

(SF) Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second is one of my favorite people in the world. he has a youtube show. he is someone who i always want to spend more time with. but he is always moving around doing stuff, so time with him is fleeting and magical.


he didn't grow up with his dad and his dad died young-ish so i never met him. but i hear he was as crazy and awesome as the second.

(EM) Please pick one of the following animals that best describes your current thoughts on the economy (please explain answer and SHOW WORK):


(SF) Uh, prob impala- cause the car named after it was so popular to like low-ride and all that. but i mean, the lemur is really cute.

(EM) How long have you know each other?

(SF) Ryan and i have known each other for about 6 years. we used to play in another band(sexton Blake) together. Shawn joined us about a year 1/2 ago. and Keil about 2months ago?

(EM) If you had to pick one candy to take with you to space what would it be?

(SF) Does mango count? natures candy?

(EM) Do you guys collaborate on song writing duties?

(SF) Not in the recording and original songwriting process, but in arranging the live show, yes.

(EM) Any special plans for when your album comes out?

(SF) Well we're touring till may, then we might be touring again for may and June then...sleep? record more? we also might go to Europe in Sept I hope!

(EM) THANKS FOR ANSWERING THESE INANE QUESTIONS!!! Good luck on the rest of the tour and I will definitely be coming to see you again next time you come to Phoenix!!!

(SF) oh phoenix...hmm

Starfucker's new album Jupiter is out May 5th on
Badman Records, check out our review HERE

Check out this new video again so you get the first question