Friday, May 8, 2009

Saddles - "The Philanthropist"

We here at Electric Mustache are always happiest when we get to bring you brand new music from local artists. Today we have an exclusive new song from Saddles. Saddles is the moniker of Charles Barth, a local Phoenix musician who is set to release his new album Shame On You, Chatterer this Saturday, May 9th via River Jones Music Label. We've only had a chance to listen to a few tracks off of the new album but like what we hear a lot. The music is heartfelt and deeply personal. Enjoy a listen from a track from the new album entitled "The Philanthropist".

Saddles - "The Philanthropist"

The album Shame On You, Chatterer is already available to purchase online through iTunes. This Saturday, Saddles will be performing at a CD release party held at Modified Arts. Free copies of the CD will be given away with paid entrance. Also performing on the show are Courtney Marie Andrews, Gospel Claws, and You, Me, and Apollo.


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omg its sooooo goooooooode!!!11!!!

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